Working With Unisec

If you’d like to work with Unisec Ltd, first read and agree to these terms and conditions:


We Pride ourselves in adopting values that are important to us as a company.

We have the skills and experience of a large company but offer the small personable touch that each of our clients desires.

Here’s what we promise you, our customers:

  • We will aim to provide the highest quality of services at competitive prices.
  • New clients and existing clients are all considered to be priority customers.
  • We are continuously developing our skills to ensure we provide the best possible service.
  • All our business partners and staff are trained and shadowed until we are happy with their progress.
  • We want all our recruits to grow and develop a career with us.
  • Our aim is to work with all businesses in order to unite as one and put your mind at ease knowing we are in your area.

Unisec Ltd Security have carefully devised a business strategy which, makes sure we offer high-quality security at low prices. The products we offer are:

  • Door Supervision: We believe our success is achieved through you reaching your goals. Our door supervisors ensure your venue is considered a high-quality location and therefore attracts the right clientele.
  • Corporate Engagement & Site security: We deliver an improved corporate guarding service for hotels, industrial sites, corporate events and business meetings with our specialised guards, which is enhanced by making strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Patrol Cars: We are committed to improving the best working practices and we help you do this by securing your workplace or even your home with our paroling cars and officers.
  • Close protection: Our specialised close protection guards are trained in all scenarios and will adhere to the customer’s requirements ensuring ultimate safety.

Our Door Supervisors are all SIA licensed and have been trained to the highest standard in order to be able to resolve all situations bestowed upon them.

The role of the door supervisor is to take responsibility for the security and the safety of the visitors and customers within the premises.

At Unisec we don’t just pride ourselves in public safety but in the supervisors’ safety and this is why our priory is to provide training and 1 to1 training with our more specialised individuals.

The Door Supervisors have the responsibility of judging the suitability of persons entering the venue and are responsible for making appropriate decisions as to who gains entry and who is deemed unacceptable. Judging criteria may include the age and behaviour of people trying to gain access within the venue, i.e. whether the person underage, is carrying harmful weapons or illegal substances, or is displaying unruly behaviour.

Door Supervisors are also responsible for maintaining order within the premises, managing crowds, dealing with conflicts and emergencies inside the venue, and co-operating with management, licensing and police.

Unisec  Limited aims to combine the skill set, experience and the continuous desire to improve our service, through being diligent, up to date and well trained in order to give our clients the best quality of service on offer allowing your venue to maintain its competitive edge.

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